Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finish college, check; Work visa, check; Clothes shopping, check; Packed suitcases, ...

15th December, 2010, at 9:30pm: Thus marketh the time upon which Jaketh Tritteth completedst his college education. And Jake danced a spasmodic jig in the school parking lot.

Yes, my friends: it's finally over! Ten years of college classes have finally come to a wonderful completion! But, even while college was yet in session, there was much preparation for Japan. Today, i received my work visa in the mail. Now i can emigrate to Japan legally! :o) I've also completed my clothes shopping; except i still need to invest in a suit.
On the 12th, i'm off to visit the place where God rested his finger when He formed the world. (That's Colorado, for those of you who haven't been there.) I'll spend most of two weeks in the Denver metropolis: which is sad because it's kind of "cityfied" yet positively splendiferous because some of the best friends in the world live there! Until i leave for CO, it's pack and purge time.
That's all for now! ~ † jake †

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