Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soon And Very Soon

It has been a tremendous experience out here in Colorado! God has richly blessed this time with my bros. Although two weeks seems like a pretty short time, i gotta say, the time has not flown by too quickly! We've had a lot of time to just hang out and relax, attend some get-togethers, eat out, and -- best of all -- do some hiking and camping. Being out here definitely reminds me how much i miss Colorado. But i think it's the priceless friendships that really make it come alive.
If you're interested, here's a link to some photos from this CO trip. After you click on the link, click "View Album" and then click "Play Slideshow." The captions beneath the photos are very random; so you'll probably find them to be either entertaining or incredibly odd.

On Monday, i fly back to Pennsylvania; but in less than nine days, i'll board another airplane. This flight will take me to another land, another language, another perspective on life. This will be an entirely new adventure. I only pray for the faith to be an excellent steward of this brand new opportunity.

Once i'm in Japan, each time i put a new entry in this blog, i'll place a link (like the one above) to some photos. I'll try not to post too many pictures.

Thanks for following me! If you're praying for and thinking about me, you too are a part of this adventure. In fact, i'd like to request prayer for something specific. ... One goal i have is to pay off my student loans within two years. Please pray that God will bless this and then use the freedom from debt in incredible ways!

† jake †


  1. Bro, I will be praying for this exciting new phase for you. God is so great and tender and personal in how he leads each of us and I can see it in your journey. I'm proud to know you and can't wait to see how Christ uses you in Japan!

    -Andy Pankratz

  2. Thank you so much, broseph! And the feeling is mutual. God bless, my friend.

  3. I just read this now, dear jacob, and am also praying for God to bless and help you to reach your goals :) ♥nancy♥