Wednesday, November 23, 2011

♪ GbYvM! ♫ God Bless You Very Much!

Hi Everyone!

If you have been wondering about us, Jacob and i have been working at Camp Redcloud in the Colorado mountains!  Jacob is now in a full-time position as Lead Manager at the youth camp and i get to be his side-kick We are very glad to be together! Praise the Lord

We will use this blog as our newsletter to keep you up-to-date with our ministry here. We cherish your prayers so do not feel that you cannot support us because you cannot give financially, even a whisper to God on our behalf is the most valuable thing you can do!

Finally we have a way for our financial supporters to support us easily on-line!! \(^ ^)/ <------Japanese happy face.

For those who wish to, just look to the far right of this screen. In the right hand column you can find a paypal "Donate" button for your country (if your country is not listed please just click on the United States friends and family button and chose your country). You do not have to have a paypal account to use your credit card. If you do opt to go this route, you will not receive a tax receipt, but we can safely receive your donation directly to Jacob's account at Redcloud's approval. This is the easiest and most efficient way.

If you have an American credit card and wish to donate through Camp Redcloud's website you can receive a tax receipt and 10% will go towards the processing of that. At first I thought the 10% went to support the camp, but actually only 3% goes to the camp and 7% towards the processing of the receipt. For those who wish to go through the website from other countries to receive a tax receipt, we hope there will be a way in the very near future.

We are renting a cute little blue house in town as of November 1st from
a Christian land lord! We are almost ready to post some pictures now that it doesn't look so empty ~lol

Apart from that, November 20th was my (nancy's) birthday and WHAT a day it was! Jacob can also post some pictures of life and ministry here at Redcloud; though, I'm afraid we are not allowed to post pictures of the children unless maybe we blur their faces~

~GbYvM! (God Bless You Very Much!)
In our Savior's great love,


PS: This used to be Jacob's blog and we transformed it into this newsletter so he will be filling in the gaps from Japan til now on this newsletter/blog when he gets a chance, as well as posting "ourstory" at some point (^_^)d

We will be updating our newsletter from time to time and sending out an email notification with a link connecting to this page.  If you are among those receiving these notices and wish not to, please don't hesitate to let us know you wish to be removed from the notification mailing list
God bless you!

jake nancy

much love~                                                                                                                                                  † jacob and nancy tritt 

Amazing Grace Story~
Covered in Grace : )
Well, jacob and i are pretty much starting from scratch at our cute little blue house, as of November 1st. We were able to have some things shipped back to us from Japan after the 9.0 earthquake but we had to leave a lot behind. Blessed be the name of the Lord who gives and takes away! I think we've learned a little about this lesson.

When we came to Camp Redcloud we were working in guest services over at family camp. I walked into one of their guest rooms and the sun was streaming in the windows and down over this BEAUTIFUL hand-made Amazing Grace quilt! I was SO blessed and felt the presence of the Lord in this place. Such a peaceful, beautiful and very large room with many beds. Three of which had these hand-made Amazing Grace quilts, which also have the Footprints poem sewn in along the sides! You can imagine my shock when i heard they were planning to get new ones made as they didn't quite fit the theme of the room. I tried very hard to convince them otherwise and even prayed along those lines. I also wistfully thought, Wouldn't it be so nice - if they are determined to change them - if only it were possible if i could have one. ...  But i quickly brushed that thought aside as we could never afford such a thing. WELL. Wouldn't you know it, i could never afford it, but it was GIVEN to me!!! Just like grace I could chose the one i wanted so i chose the full-sized one, the one i first saw upon entering the room.

We had been sleeping on an air mattress. Not so long after receiving the beautiful quilt, some friends said they had a bed they could give us but they couldn't decide on which size of bed to give us. Can you guess which size we got? A full size! To match our quilt without them even knowing! (^ ^) The pillow cases were given as a wedding gift from Deb, Jacob's mom. They say, "Jake & Nancy; May 28th, 2011."

Animal Birthday Party!
Jacob took me to a ranch where i could meet a beautiful black shire. There are only 2000 registered shire's left in the world! Her name is April. She towered over us! She was soooooooo gentle and sweet and very affectionate! What a majestic animal~ i have to go back to get a decent picture of her because Georgie the llama kept trying to kiss me on the lips and play with my hat. Not to forget the giant palomino ponies and the mammoth donkey crowding around us for treats and affection~ so we couldn't get a shot to do April justice.

One of the ponies licked the camera and got it slimy.  The other one could do tricks. I could get him to bow for a treat!

The silly Llama won't leave you alone unless you kiss it right in the lips!!! Jacob had to kiss it several times (^ ^) It really liked him! Rose, the donkey, kept trying to sneak the treats out of his pocket!! Shyster! The video is hilarious ~LOL. Though we can't seem to get it to work on this newsletter, you can see it if you go to my facebook page :)

They have ten dogs, two birds, and one potbelly pig. One bird talks on the telephone There was a HUGE airedale named Curly. My parents used to raise airedales. What a fun party! (^ ^) (^ ^) (^ ^)

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