Thursday, January 19, 2012

♫ Upcoming Trip: Journey's with Jancy ~ MAR/APR ♪

Hey Everyone! 

FEB 11 SHORT-TERM TRIP:  we have been approved to be sponsored to go on a short-term trip to the Native Americans in Arizona!!  The trip is this coming February.  Please pray, as they need an electrician who can volunteer their time and help the houses they are building/built to be wired.  Very simple wiring, but they need someone who is qualified for the gvt. to approve.  Please pray that Jacob and i can make a difference there for Christ :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012! *\(^ ^)/*

 Hi everyone!  This is Nancy (^ ^)/  I will mostly be the one to be keep you posted as Jacob has to spend most of his energies on working when we have internet access.  ♥Jacob and i shared our first Christmas together this year!  We have a little Christmas story and some prayer requests


Christmas evening, in tears after watching a movie that reminded us of God's amazing grace, I turned my head and noticed a large and mysterious star shining brightly in our window (maybe Serius). I exclaimed to Jacob. We couldn't really believe it was real as it was streaming and twinkling in many colors!! We went out our door to see if it wasn't distorted by the window pane (which it wasn't!!). Near the beautiful star we saw a shooting star go by! What a reminder of how AMAZING the birth of Christ is~ His coming impacts the very universe!   We had a wonderFULL CHRISTmas indeed (^ ^)(^ ^) Luke 1:37~ "NOTHING is impossible for GOD!" Blessings everyone!