Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012! *\(^ ^)/*

 Hi everyone!  This is Nancy (^ ^)/  I will mostly be the one to be keep you posted as Jacob has to spend most of his energies on working when we have internet access.  ♥Jacob and i shared our first Christmas together this year!  We have a little Christmas story and some prayer requests


Christmas evening, in tears after watching a movie that reminded us of God's amazing grace, I turned my head and noticed a large and mysterious star shining brightly in our window (maybe Serius). I exclaimed to Jacob. We couldn't really believe it was real as it was streaming and twinkling in many colors!! We went out our door to see if it wasn't distorted by the window pane (which it wasn't!!). Near the beautiful star we saw a shooting star go by! What a reminder of how AMAZING the birth of Christ is~ His coming impacts the very universe!   We had a wonderFULL CHRISTmas indeed (^ ^)(^ ^) Luke 1:37~ "NOTHING is impossible for GOD!" Blessings everyone!

Praise and Prayer Requests †

☺PRAISE!  I got my green card!!!!
☺PRAISE!  As i was playing with Facebook yesterday i switched to the new look and the picture i chose was one of our hands and wedding rings.  I had a twinge of regret again as i looked at that picture.  I had the diamond on a silver necklace which snapped unexpectedly on our way for the interview to get my green card.  WELL, i must have said a prayer because today i dumped Jacob's computer bag off the desk and made a huge mess.  I was disgusted until THERE I SAW MY LITTLE DIAMOND RING!!!  It could have fallen anywhere... on the road, at my friend's house near Denver 6 hours from here, at a gas station... but NO it fell into a very "unlikely" and safe place!!!!! \(^ ^)/

†SOME SADNESS~ One thing is clear to me~ i cannot blame God for the sad or the hard things.  This fallen world is not our home.  We long for the promise of our perfect Home He is preparing for us as our bodies groan under the weight of this world~ Please would you whisper a prayer with us for these loved ones
  • Jacob and i are sorrowful and are hopeful and praying for our LITTLE UNBORN niece or nephew that is in great danger of dying like their little brother, Seth.
  • Dear friends have a 2-year old boy, PRINCETON, diagnosed with a VERY aggressive cancer on the 22nd, had his first chemo treatment Christmas day, he's feeling nausea and little appetite... 
  • Another friend had back surgery, SUZIE, and had a hard night with drug side effects. I pray for all these husbands especially... not to be overwhelmed and to cast their cares on Him instead of internalizing their pain as men tend to do~
  • I was unable to call DAD and sing to him this Christmas~ (he had a massive stroke and has been in the hospital since June 2006).  The new hospital charges $92/week for a phone on top of the regular monthly hospital bill.  I pray for his restoration.  I cannot give up on him.  At least, I pray that if God doesn't chose to heal him that He will take him home (home or HOME).  We look forward to seeing dad and the rest of our loved ones as we plan our trip up in MAR/APR~ Lord willing

Our First Christmas   (^ ^)(^ ^)

After reading the Christmas story from Luke together I made a Christmas cake~ in memory of Japan actually!  Are you surprised?  Yes, it is a Japanese custom!  They always have cake!  Isn't that interesting!  It's Jesus birthday, though most don't know it, they are celebrating it~  I remembered my friends there and prayed for them.  We didn't have strawberries, so i decorated a little differently, added some candles and we all blew them out together at our friend's place :)

Our shop keeper friend lent us his beloved white tree that he keeps up year-round in his shop.  We tiptoed around all the delicate ornaments to get it out!  Others gave us ornaments and lights to decorate~ wow.

We had a lovely Christmas eve meal with our neighbourhood friend and met some of her family and friends.  Christmas afternoon we were invited along with our landlord, the postman, and a shop keeper friend from Lake City to a volunteer policeman and his sweet wife's house!  I love this little town (^ ^) (^ ^) (^ ^)  When we got back we found an anonymous Christmas card with a gift of $100 sitting at our door, opened presents from our family and gazed at the stars 

                       Happy BirThdaY, Jesus!

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