Thursday, January 19, 2012

♫ Upcoming Trip: Journey's with Jancy ~ MAR/APR ♪

Hey Everyone! 

FEB 11 SHORT-TERM TRIP:  we have been approved to be sponsored to go on a short-term trip to the Native Americans in Arizona!!  The trip is this coming February.  Please pray, as they need an electrician who can volunteer their time and help the houses they are building/built to be wired.  Very simple wiring, but they need someone who is qualified for the gvt. to approve.  Please pray that Jacob and i can make a difference there for Christ :)

MAR/APR:  Jacob and i are planning our own support raising trip MAR/APR (with Camp Redcloud) and are feeling our way to see if some of you would be able to put us up for a night or two along our way?  Or if you think your church wouldn't mind us giving a presentation?  We also need help, if the Lord lays this on your heart, for the funding needed for this incredible journey (^ ^;).  We should print the map of our journey and make a board game like the "Paul's Amazing Journey" Bible board game (^ ^) lol

We cherish your prayers!  God bless~

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