Friday, February 3, 2012

(picture) Nancy is pointing to Camp Redcloud in the distance
 Hello, from Lake City, Colorado!  We are sending out our first printed newsletter and prayer card by mail.  If you receive one, please do not feel pressure in any way to give financially unless the Lord has already laid that on your hearts.  We are very glad to include you in the joy of serving here at Camp Redcloud and share our prayer postcard/picture.  If you do not receive this by mail and wish to, please contact us and let us know you would like one :)

We are enjoying our new home as of November 1st and are settling in nicely.  Thank you for all your prayers☺  

We have had some crazy adventures off-roading in the passes and exploring the beautiful landscape in our time off!  BREATHTAKING!

The wildlife here think they are people too!  Nancy met her first pika face-to-face coming out of the lodge!  The deer act like resident pets.  The elk have moved down amongst us from the mountains.  Driving home one time, we chased a hefty cougar 3 miles down the road from our place and we don’t want to think about the bears  :/

At first when we came, we served together with the Family Camp under “Guest Services.”  We could live in a beautiful bunkhouse for free during our stay there.  We were especially blessed to join a session about marriage with the “Warriors of the Heart” J.  They are a ministry outreach to men who struggle with marriage, their past, addictions, etc.  One man came to know the Lord that week.

After the fall season, we joined full-time ministry with the youth camp.  Jacob is the LEAD Manager in charge of training teens who wish to be leaders in the future.   We get to work together as a team \(^ ^)/  Please pray that nothing can separate us and that we will have the strength, courage, joy, and HOPE we need  to be fruitful and effective.

We are being sponsored to go on a short-term trip to the Apache and Navajo Native Americans in Arizona with the church we go to here!  Please pray for an electrician who can volunteer their time to go with us.  The houses being built need to be wired.  Very simple wiring, but they need someone who is licensed so the government will approve.  Please pray that we can make a difference together there for Christ.

We are planning our own support raising trip March / April.  Please pray that some folks would be able put us up for a night or two along the way and for opportunity to give presentations at the right churches.  We also need funding for this incredible journey.  We should make a board game out of it like, "Paul's Amazing Journey!” and sell it ~lol

 Fall scene at camp Redcloud :)

Winter is absolutely breathtaking here, and deadly (lots of avalanches).  This mountain picture was taken over Monarch Pass.  One of the most dangerous places to drive in the winter time but also one of the most stunning~!!

We took this picture last week here on the way to camp~

JanCy ♪ jacob † nancy tritt ♫

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