Friday, April 20, 2012

ROAD TRIP UPDATE~ (^ ^) (^ ^)

OUR PROGRESS: Just a quick note to everyone~ jacob and i are in PA presently and are doing well on our road trip. God completely provided a second hand car for us to drive back to CO!! :D 2004 Kia PTL! Sorry no pics yet~ Also, we could get support to pay for the entire cost of our trip, current bills on rent/gas/utilities/etc. WOW! 

We most always had a free place to stay for the night and had a great time visiting friends and family too for the whole trip through Canada and now into the States☺ We only had to pay for a motel one time! We give Him the praise and the glory! \(^ ^)/\(^ ^)/

We hope to be able to afford a second hand camper so we wouldn't have to pay rent in town all the time, which would help us TREMENDOUSLY. Not having to pay for even three months of rent would probably cover the cost of a camper anyway if we could stay on camp property (almost $700/month when everything's said and done for living in town).

We appreciate those who are praying for us!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and God bless you!

MUCH love, jacob and nancy ♥

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