Friday, May 4, 2012

A Sudden Change In Direction~

 Dear praying friends and family,

First of all thank you all so much for taking an interest in our lives and for those of you who we met on our road trip this past March/April and requested our newsletter!  We will continue to keep it updated.

We have some unexpected and sudden news.  Since we were unable to raise monthly support, and admittedly fallen behind in our work which was tough to keep on top of on our support raising trip, we have to resign here at camp Redcloud Youth Camp Ministries at the request of the board of directors.  We agree that this is the best thing.

It sounds like there is already someone who can replace us there, and we are relieved to hear that.  We were planning to persevere at Redcloud to finish the summer, and had begun our catch-up the first day back at work, but I guess the Lord has closed that door.  God knows best.  We are very glad we could join arms there for a few seasons of life and met and worked with some incredible people :)

Our landlord has been encouraging Jacob to learn some trades and has been helping him, before we even got this news, to help us financially survive here.  We wonder what will happen... if we will be in Lake City for a while longer?  We do still hope to make a music CD together and were able to bring the digital recording studio back with us that was stored in PA that I had in Japan.  

In His love, and under His wings
jacob & nancy tritt - Isaiah 41:10

Church Ministry: We have been involved in and leading worship pretty regular since we got back, so that is awesome to be more active in the church too.  We are scheduled to be giving a testimony June 10th.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  We want to worship in Spirit and in Truth!

Praise the Lord!  Jacob has some guys willing to take him on for work here and there.  Someone said we can mow the church grass, and there is maybe a house cleaning service we can do on Saturday's together.  The guys helping Jacob (some kind of construction/mill work?) offered to take me on as well :) I've been able to sand boards and paint with one hand pretty efficiently :).  It is fun to work outside together with my husband surrounded by incredible beauty here in the San Juan Rocky Mountains.  I (nancy) fell on cement and hurt both my arms while on our support raising trip for our work at Redcloud (April 25th), so i pray for healing God speed on that so i can be more useful.  A shop keeper friend also would like me to work partial/part-time but I need my SS# sent to me FAST.  Typing is awkward with the braces!

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