Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Great News!!

Hello again!  Yes, we're snuggled safely back in Lake City, CO with over a foot of snow after a fantastic time with the January team!  Thank you all for your prayers and financial support to get us there and back again!

WE WERE ACCEPTED!!  So we are planning to head back to N. Carolina this March already for more training!!

Our regional directors thought this placement would be a potentially great fit for us.  Our task would be part-time managers for a guest house.  It is one job but good for a couple with mission opportunities along the side!! So potentially we would be involved in Hospitality Services, Discipleship Training and other opportunities with the Ghanaian people.

We’ve had so much to do we didn’t get much done towards putting together that CD we’ve been dreaming of doing.  Praise the Lord we’ve finally begun!  We hope to have something to offer you in the future.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers about completing the project sooner than later.

      Much love, (^ ^)/\(^ ^)
    jacob nancy