Tuesday, June 11, 2013


SHORT TERM MISSIONS: We had a fantastic time with the short-term missions team going down to Dilkon, Arizona these past couple of trips to build a hogan for a single mom and her daughter.  We learned a lot about building and sandstorms!!!

SUMMER WORK: We are continuing to go through the necessary steps of getting closer and closer to going to the field to serve with our African brothers and sisters in Ghana :)  Summer jobs are upon us and we are beginning to save money to send towards our Bible college loan as well.  Jacob has been learning a TON about construction and mill work!

OUR 2ND ANNIVERSARY: We had a fantastic time at Pagosa Hotsprings for our 2nd anniversary!  We praise Him for another wonderful year of marriage (^ ^)/\(^ ^)  Glory to God who brought and holds us together!