Monday, October 14, 2013

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch!

Hello family and friends!

We are glad to be back serving with Redcloud Ranch Family Ministries in guest services for a while once again.  

Please pray as Redcloud goes through a huge transition.  The whole camp has been sold to Camp Ozark Christian Ministry and they will be interviewing the existing staff.

PRAISE!!!  Five guys were baptized in the freezing river Saturday night (11/2/2013) here at Redcloud Christian Mountain Adventures!  Hallelujah!!!! \(^ ^)/

UPDATE: Jacob works part-time at the ranch and part-time in town (I'm full-time) so we don't need to depend only on financial support.  We are about mid-term on the path to Ghana~ wondering if God will keep the door open or if He will lead us in a different direction.  We still have a way to go before covering the out-of-pocket cost of overseas training that we've already taken in North Carolina.

We appreciate you!  Thank you for following our blog and keeping us in prayer.

JanCy jacob nancy