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The old Maki Road farm where we all grew up had a creek in the back and was perfect for exploration and imagination.  The big cliff-like rocks made for good sliding and splashing fun too.  The king salmon would swim across those pebbles at the bend if you chased them.  One could almost catch one by the tail!  A boisterous one flung a wave of water at Dad when he threw in a rock and got him all wet!  Ha, ha!  Dad was like a cat in that way, he HATED getting wet!! Hee hee ^_^  (Picture - Great Gramma Harriot, Dad, Great Grampa Joseph at the old farm)

There was an apple orchard and an old pear tree beside the beautiful Maple forest where sometimes Dad would arrange for family reunions or Sunday School picnics.  The red pines planted in two rows by dad and my older sisters bordered the front and adjoining properties.  They made a fine pine needle highway to walk along.  It felt nice and crunchy under your feet as you walked.  When the wind blew the trees sang a wistful song.  



Dad put a little wooden windmill that he made at the end of the driveway.  He painted it red and white like the house.  He was born in the living room of our house!  It used to be his grandparents house.  There was a little barn where mom kept her pony and dad had his workshop.  You would often find dad working in his beautiful garden in front of the barn.


One time when my little neighbor friend and i were playing in one of the fields we heard what we thought to be a wild boar escaped from the fair next door and climbed frantically into the trees and waited with wide scared eyes.  Not long after our scramble we heard a long and deep laughter from the brushes.  Dad popped into the clearing with a mischievous look on his face. “Aw, Dad!!!!”



One of the best childhood memories i cherish though, was when Dad and Grampa Danz would drive us out to Red Rock to hunt for agates, and other precious stones.  It was a real treasure hunt.  One time the brush was SO thick when we were following our way into the bay along the creek Grampa Danz was caught by the seat of his pants in the branches.  I tried to get my camera in time but he wasn't about to get caught on film too and broke loose in the nick of time ~lol. Now that was funny!  The black flies weren’t funny at all though!!!  It's true they do pick your bones!!




(Grampa Danz in picture to the left)  At one point we got separated in the thick underbrush.  Scrambling my way along, it was each man for himself.  I couldn’t see either Dad or Grampa.  Splash!  Someone fell into the creek!  Glad it wasn’t me!  I made my way to catch up to see if they were okay.  It was Dad :)  We got back on track and suddenly there was a crack and the dirt beneath us rumbled and shook.  A HUGE tree was falling down away from the bank and we found ourselves slipping down towards the creek again with the roots snapping up all around us!  Wow.  What a day!  We finally made it to the pebble beach and caught up with a soggy Grampa Danz as well!  Ha ha :D





What a precious time we had at Mom and Dad's 50th and Sue and Mel's 25th renewal of vows!   We wondered if Dad would be able to say, "I do.”  But as the reverend turned to him to ask his part he surprised us by cutting in and saying, "I do!" in an animated voice.  Again after the reverend started he cut in, "I do!" Finally he raised his hand and said, "Yes!" before the reverend could finish!  The reverend laughed and said to the audience, "Have you ever seen such an eager groom?!"  (^/^) LOL!  It was very cute.

My dad was the first one on the stage and it is so amazing to me that even though he has some effects on his brain from the stroke that have changed him, he still stands for Jesus.  That finger he is holding up means "One Way" (Jesus).

(Sunday, April 11th 1993) I had the best weekend.  Ben, Josh and I all went exploring in the woods every day they were here.  Mom even came with us once, yesterday. The scenery was gorgeous.  We found a creek off of the big pond through the meadow past the apple orchard and up on a hill.  Whew!  It almost wears me out just telling about the hike we took.  Well, not really, I could have done it a hundred times!

When we got back the boys and I just had to take dad on the journey.  We found he already knew all about those sacred places!  He took us on a secret trail leading from the pond and across the beaver dam.  Everyone took the harder but safer way across but I spotted a big log that had fallen over and bounded across to the other side.  I was way ahead of them.  HA!

“Nyaa, nyaa you slowpokes!” I taunted.

When they all had made it we followed our way through the trails until we reached a clearing.  What a surprise awaited us all.  Even for dad.  It was like a little slice of Heaven.  The kids and I took off like a shot racing up and down the enormous hills.  I even rolled down one unusually steep one and regretted getting all jilted and dirty.  Not to mention dizzy!  I ran around in hopeless circles trying to catch up to the rest while they all laughed.  God sure is good to us.  When we got back dad, mom, Ben, Josh, Ginger, Texas, Buttons and I all collapsed in a heap in the sand pit at the top of the hill by the house.  Dad came up with the splendid idea of having a campfire and roasting some hotdogs.  We all thought that was a grand idea.  I ran to the house to get the ingredients while dad and the boys gathered sticks for the fire.  When all was said and done Ben and I played Mission Impossible on the commodore 64 for a while.  Buttons and Ginger joined us for a game of hide and seek.  It didn’t take them long to find us.  Hahaha (^ ^)

The kids are so funny.  The things they will do.  They dug and dug so much to build a sand castle and Josh ran all the way back home as fast as his little legs could carry him to get an extra shovel.  Now if you called it work… it would have been a different story!  I built two sand sculptures.  One an Egyptian riding an alligator (Ben insisted it was a dragon) and a woman lying in the sand.

Dad and I escaped for a moment and laid down on the side of the banks while the kids played in the sand.  We stared at the clouds going by and dad told me with my head on his pot belly (that makes a pretty good pillow) that when he was around 14 he used to lay down in the tall grass and look at the clouds as the wind swayed the hay back and forth around him like whitecaps riding on the lake.  He hadn’t a care in the world back then and nothing to worry about.  He told me about another time when he was a game warden and he canoed up seventy five miles from civilization.  He stretched himself out on some fresh grass lying on the river bank.  There he daydreamed about a beautiful woman with long black hair and a pretty smile (my mother) while soaking in the rays of the sun.

Here’s a report of what we did this weekend:
·         Explored the wilderness
·         Played digdug (dad’s favourite game, it’s so boring), mission impossible, congo bongo,
·         cards
·         tug of war with the dog, hide and seek, frozen tag
·         Had a campfire
·         Made sand sculptures
·         Made a hay fort in the barn
·         Baked cookies
·         Had banana splits, sundaes, milkshakes and hot chocolate
·         Jumped on the bounder
·         Listened to records
·         Made pictures and painted horses
·         Snuck up on some sand hill cranes in the pond
·         Sang songs, read the bible and prayed
·         Counted 570 poles all the way to Sault Ste. Marie








My dear dad went home to be with Jesus today.  The sweetest thing is Jacob and I just sang one of his favorite hymns, His Eye Is On The Sparrow, this VERY morning before we found out the news.  We were staying with an elderly couple through Mennonite Your Way and she was playing piano for us.  We hadn't sung it in about a year.  When I told her it was one of my favorite hymns she said she had just played it at her small group the night before.

Please pray for Grampa Seishi.  He and dad were pen pals and His Eye Is On The Sparrow became his favorite hymn too.  He also is not long for this world and I hope he gets to meet my dad in heaven one day. 

 Dad's favorite Bible passages are Romans 8 and Psalm 139~

Mother saw a vision in the clouds today that looked like Jesus holding out his arms to receive my dad.  She is doing well. Thank you to all who were praying for us.  God bless you.




The Cop~

When Jacob and I first heard the news we cried.  We were at the same store when Jacob heard that his Grampa Tritt had passed from this life to be with Jesus.  It is very rare.  This store is one hour away from our town.

On our way back to Lake City we stopped at the Blue Mesa Reservoir.  The sun was glowing over us and the view is indescribable.  I walked to the edge overlooking the water and mountains and suddenly had the urge to shout WOOHOO because I thought of him being in heaven with the angels shouting and rejoicing and dancing around.  The sound boomed over the mountains and echoed three times like I was in some kind of amphitheater!  Thankfully, I checked to see if there was anyone around first, but i think more than a few people heard that whether they were in earshot or not!!!  I went back across the road to be with Jacob as he organized the car and also to blend into the background~ (^  ^;) <---Japanese sweat face emicon

Since no one was on the road, I raised my hands in praise to God for taking my dad to be with Him.  A cop drove by... doh.  He saw me and i muttered...

"Oh, oh.  I hope that guy didn't see me and isn't coming back around..."  

Jacob heard me and didn't think anything of it.  Though he saw my hands in the air, he didn't see the cop drive by at first.

"Is everything alright?"  The officer questioned as he pulled up in front of me.

I swallowed hard and said,

"Yes.  I was just praising God because my dad just died and he loved Jesus so he is in heaven..."  

It was all a blurr but the officer was touched and said something like,

"What a perfect day for your dad to go to heaven."  I can't remember what else he said but it was comforting and he was gone.

Jacob was laughing because he thought it was some ordinary guy.  As I mentioned he had his head in the trunk repacking ~which he LOVES to do by the way.  He was just sweating earlier on the highway because a cop was behind us.  He turned off the road so he wouldn't have to be so nervous.  Then I go ahead and wave one over!  I want to pray for that cop every time I think of my dad.  I don't even remember his face because everything was such a blur.  Wouldn't it be awesome if dad could meet him in heaven one day~ please would you whisper a prayer for this stranger too.  Also, my sister Sue needs a lot of prayer for the preparations of the funeral and paperwork that needs to be done.

Thank you ~nancy


If you have a moment and feel comfortable doing so, would you say this prayer that a friend prayed for dad.  I thought she petitioned it well ~nancy

"Heavenly Father I just want to lift up Jim before you. I thank you for this man that served you for many years. I thank you that he was my son's Sunday School teacher for many years. Kelly loved his wisdom of the scriptures. I pray Lord for a miracle and a complete restoration of his life. But Lord if that is not part of Your will for him I pray Lord that these last days/weeks/months be filled with peace and that he will be kept pain free. Continue to let Your light shine in him until his final breathe when You Lord welcome him into Your heavenly presence. I lift up Fay and each of the girls and their families to You. Help them to know that You are near. Whether they are sitting by Jim's bed or are far away and unable to be closer by, let them feel Your presence, give them peace and comfort their hearts during these days. We are so grateful Lord that we can put our trust in You and know that Your way is the right way. We are grateful that you are still a God of miracles. We lift our praise to You Lord and thank you for answered prayers. In Jesus' precious Holy name. -Amen"

Dear Praying Friends,

Would you lift Jim McIntyre (Nancy's father) up in prayer and us~ Also if you would include us in your prayer groups we would appreciate it very much.  We received the following news forwarded to us by a friend from our sister Sue (we received Sue's email directly much later over the delayed internet). The forward came to us at 8:28am.  Romans 8:28 is known by everyone as Dad's life verse so we know God is with us.  We believe in Him for another miracle and we believe in Him without one."  ...blessed be the name of the Lord" (Job 1:21)

Hi everyone...just a quick note:
Dear Pastor & Church family.... Please put Dad on the prayer chain but keep confidential the details from Mom please until I've had a chance to contact her doctor, thanx. I have been called in to talk to the Doctor and he has informed me that Dad has inoperable cancer of the mouth which is spreading done his throat and stomach cancer the size of a grapefruit already.  He has said that Dad has 2 days-2 months at best left before he goes to heaven. So if any want to see him before then do come in.  Mapleview Extendedcare on end of Northern Ave. room 1123 MaCarrol Lake section. Please keep us in you prayers for strength and wisdom to take care of all things needed to be done.  thank-you so much for coming to his celebration of life party, it meant so much to him and all of us. God bless, Mel & Sue 

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