Thursday, July 9, 2015

MOVED! And Building Our First Tiny Home!


Here is our first tiny house!  It's a slide in camper!!  We are not finished the interior as of yet and we need to do the trim and add a window to the exterior.  We suddenly heard as of YESTERDAY that we need to have it liveable by August 11th!!!  Actually by the 10th because 15 guys will be staying in the house (that will be torn down) we are presently staying in.

We now work for Andy Dozier of Lake Fork Home Builders and are so grateful.  Jacob is on the construction crew and Nancy gets to feed the 12-19 workers.  The lovely ranch takes our breath away with it's beauty.  It's a special priviledge (sp?) we don't take for granted.

We are very much looking forward to the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs from August 7-9.  We offered to volunteer so it would be the 6th to the 10th for us.  We hope to meet some life-long friends there and learn as much as possible since our hopes are to build a dream tiny home on the 24' trailer that some dear Lake City friends gave to us last year.  Not to mention needing to fine tune our first little tiny home!  We have many questions.  The white chevy we bought for $500 died so we bought the 1 ton dually you can see in the furthest picture.  It's covered in dust because the dirt workers here are piling up giant mounds of sand and gravel for the work crew and they are working across from us.

This is the Ranch where we are living now and presently have a room in this Western House.

There are some updated pictures since Jacob had finished the work station on the front and put up a door.  I will update this post one of these days.  Maybe after the jamboree!

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